Creativities Unfold 2016 ‘CU-EXIT’

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Client: Thailand Creative & Design Center(TCDC)
Date: 2016
Directed by Eyedropper Fill
Installation design by Eyedropper Fill
Director & Editor: Wattanapume Laisuwanchai
Producer : Nuntawat Jarusruangnil
Assistant Director : Tinnawat Chankloi
Project Manager : Pondchanok Tanratanapong
Cast : Tispo Tarn, Paputh Paputh
Cinematographer : Jatuphong Rungrueangdechaphat
Sound designer : Wissanu Likitsathaporn
Installation setting team : Cai LianJie, Sujinun Jirawatt
Mechanical system : Yimsamer
Behind the scene photograph : Child's Holiday
Camera & Eqiupments : VS Service
Laser Equipment : TS Light&Sound

The concept on the idea of making this video is a word 'EXIT', which is a main theme of this year subject. A word EXIT is imply to a new differences result of knowledge sharing and crossing professional collaboration. So, our idea on key visual is the reflection of light, when light hits an object its reflected in lots of different directions. The idea is to design a lighting installation that people can participate and play with the light as you will see in this video.