Tiger Beer Limited Edition

A making of Tiger JAMS Limited Edition Designed by Eyedropper Fill
Tiger Beer gave us an opportunity to design a can by collaborate with a Thai band ‘Somkiat’ for a project Tiger Jams Limited Edition.
Firstly, we started by interview a band to get to know more. Yim, the drummer, told us that their band has started since they were in the university. Their first album released last year ‘_Sara’. First track in this album ‘Intro’ is related to them because this song is about their friendship and journey along the last 5 years with the music.

After we heard a story behind this song, we decided to use it as an inspiration on this project. There’s a verse ‘must run run run to see’ sing along with drum beats. Then we got an idea to use Cymatic process. We pour a water into a bowl and put it onto a speaker then we turn a music on, its produce a broad range of vibrations. In the last process we use a light beam, which we always interested in, filtered direct onto a water. The result is a pattern you'd see on a can.

Client: Tiger Beer (Thailand)
Date: 2016
Designed by Eyedropper Fill