“Exploring an Everyday Phenomenon of Light” Chapter1: Reflection

(Video #1)

Location: Central Embassy Bangkok, Thailand
Date: 2015

Light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to human eyes. It is faceless, intangible, and could be sensed only when the source of light or its reflection on other objects are present. The existence of light is mostly immaterial and underrated; simply being a background and accompanying human’s life, yet mostly important. With Eyedropper Fill’s deep interest in film and expanding human’s visual experience, we have created this “Exploring An Everyday Phenomenon of Light” project to clarify the existence of light and its fundamental qualities related to objects. For this first series, we concentrate our experimentation on the reflection and how white light makes spectrum, the range of colours that shine through everyday objects. We hope this would lead to an individual’s intimate interaction with light, and for people to see its charm.