Lucid Reminiscence

(Video #1)

Client: Thai Film Archive
Years: 2014
Title: Lucid Reminiscence (ยามเมื่อแสงดับลา)
Duration: 14.48
Format: Digital, 16:9, Stereo / Color

Voice: Somkait Vituranich, Kittisak Suwannabhokin, Manotham Theamtheabrat
Director / Camera: Wattanapume Laisuwanchai
Producer: Nuntawat Jarusruangnil
Asst.Producer & Asst. Director1: Tinnawat Chankloi
Assistant Director2: Sumeena Tangchotsakul
Editor: Parkpoom Nuntalit
Projection team:
Chaiwat Kasemnithichok, Nuntawat Jarusruangnil
Sound Design: Bauen studio
Camera and Grip: VS Service
Projector supported by: Epson
Special Thanks: Chanchana Homsap, Nithiwit Taninsurawoot

30 years ago, when there were no many options for leisure, there were 140 stand alone movie theaters in Bangkok, and hundreds of them across Thailand. Cinema was a popular form of entertainment. Teenagers, couples, families, all of them went to enjoy their favorite films screened on the very big silver screen. It was the heyday of cinema. Later, when new kind of movie theaters were small ones, built inside the department stores, stand alone movie theaters became less and less popular. Nowadays almost all of stand alone movie theaters in Bangkok went out of business. Not only movie theater is the place that brought happiness to filmgoers, but the building itself is also the recorder of history. Architecture, history, movies, stars, film culture, all of these can be seen through the structure. The film is made as a memory of forgotten movie theaters hidden in various parts of Bangkok by connecting stories and memories of the film fans, in order to revive these old movie theaters again.