Client: Thai Film Archive
Date: 2014
Directed by Eyedropper Fill
Assistant Directer01: Parkpoom Nuntalit
Assistant Directer02: Sumeena Tangchotsakul
Animator: Nuntawat Jarusruangnil, Tinnawat Chankloi
Cinematographer: Pithai Smithisuth
Behind the scene Photography: Withit Chanthamarit
Behind the scene Video: Peasadet Compiranont
Editor: Wattanapume Laisuwanchai
Sound and Music Composed: Bauen Sound Studio
Equipment and Camera: VS Service

Thai Film Archive presents 'Cinemobile project', bringing the first cinemobile to Thailand. This mobile will be visiting various neighborhoods all over the country, delivering joy and knowledge to the people through out its selection of movie program, which presented in the concept of 'Cinema enlighten'. By its unique function, this yet to be launched to public vehicle has been distributed by our communication ideas about its presentation, which divides into 2 parts of motion pictures to animate a virtual picture for those who have no ideas about how this Cinemoblie looks like. We brought it to life, made it move, made it run by animation techniques. To reveal a hint in its story that compares car engine to the flow of human wisdom and imagination.